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International olympiad "Tuymaada"

International olympiad "Tuymaada" is held yearly in Yakutia since 1994. The participants of this international competition are divided in two leagues: the junior league (for students who completed at most 9 years of secondary school) and the senior league (open to all secondary school students).

Tuymaada is the name of the valley where the capital of Yakutia is. It should be noted that the olympiad is not always, and not even in most cases, held in that valley.

This page contains the problems of Tuymaada olympiads since 1999. The problems of earlier olympiads, as well as solutions of all the olympiads for years 1994-2013, are collected in the book published (in Russian) by MCCME. The solutions for recent olympiads are published in the official booklets and (sometimes with noteworthy additions) in the yearly books of St. Petersburg Olympiad in Mathematics.

Since this page to some extent serves as an official "Tuymaada" resource, we present here the technical regulations of the olympiad which remain in place for years. The teams going to "Tuymaada" for the first time are advised to read them.

In the years 2020 and 2021 the olympiad, like many other events, was held online.

The olympiad of 2022 was in mixed mode. Some students from Russia competed offline. However, most participants, in particular all the participants from other countries, participated offline.

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